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What a nice surprise! I started using Backbone this week, and this fixes six real issues I had with it:

- collection.fetch() now correctly calls model.parse() (I patched Backbone.Collection.prototype.parse(), but their fix is nicer)

- 'add' and 'remove' events now include the index (I had to work it out from scratch with sortedIndex())

- event 'bind' is now called 'on' (sensible as _.bind is already used for partial application)

- confusion over this.el and $()-wrapping is now cleared up

- events hash can now include functions (I like to avoid reflection where possible - even in JS)

- collection.create() now fires 'add' before the server replies (this makes writing a responsive UI much easier)

The last one is quite a significant change! Luckily my app is easy to fix, as I've only spent a few days on it.

Awesome that events hash now takes a function. I've needed that for a while, and should really get in the habit of submitting patches instead of waiting for others to do the work.

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