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Glad to see this milestone and some pretty helpful but not very breaky changes.

What is the recommended method for dealing with the optimistic model events? If my view gets the "destroy" event but the sync fails, do I have to parse the response on the "error" event to figure out that it corresponds to the destroy action?

It might be nice to have e.g. "destroy:failed" for the benefit of views that send off these requests and want to un-change the UI and show errors if they fail.

Views that are triggering optimistic destroys can listen for "error" on their model ... or (preferably) pass a direct error callback as an option, when sending the destroy. Remember that the return value of calling "model.destroy()" is a jQuery object that can be used to chain success and error callbacks...

Note that you'll also now get the new "sync" event, after the model has been successfully deleted on the server.

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