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Can only speak for their dedicated servers. We have one there for almost two years now. Excellent price for the hardware you get. Had a few support requests (nothing hardware-related), all answered in a few minutes. Very good control panel too. Know a few people using their dedicated boxes for quite some time too. All happy. :)

Recently we leased a Kimsufi/OVH dedicated box with ProxMox installed. Similar price (without setup fee) and it's been running without an hiccup. Had to make a phone call to support about a billing issue (my mistake) and it was immediately resolved.

From my experience, it doesn't get much better quality/price wise than these two, in Europe.

I checked kimsufi, the prices look pretty good for the specifications, can you say for how long you have that one?

We've been running it for approx. 2 months now.

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