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I am an happy Quickweb (http://quickweb.co.nz) customer. They are cheaper than Linode and they have some nice micro vps offers too.

They are also providing hosting services to LEB (http://www.lowendbox.com)

I am also happy Quickweb customer, although I only use their VPS for OpenVPN and to compile stuff on Linux. Stuff compiles more quickly on the VPS than on my 2010 MacBook Pro, which means processor and IO performance are good.

They've lost my data twice in a 2 year period, but for 4.95 a month I was kind of expecting it. But now they moved my VPS to another node and all should be fine. Which brings us to customer support: it is absolutely great and they respont to tickets very quickly.

So: use for non-critical stuff, backup, and be happy.

.co.nz (New Zealand) doesn't sound like a reasonable alternative for Europe.

Their servers are in the US, UK, and Germany. http://quickweb.co.nz/supa-vps-plans.html

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