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I guess this isn't an uncommon occurrence. I was checking our analytics this morning when I noticed we've been getting some strange traffic regarding "Laptop Repair In Cochin." Well I dug around and found a site that copied and pasted our codebase outright, HTML / JS & CSS - then tweaked a couple CSS variables.

I built the Wordpress theme from scratch about a year and a half ago and never released it for sale. This laptop repair site doesn't appear to be using Wordpress. Our site was featured on several design galleries at the time (it's in desperate need of an upgrade now, we just don't have the time) which, I'm sure, is how they found it to rip-off.

Check it out: Our Site: http://www.tinyfactory.co Their Site: http://www.laptoprepairkerala.com

I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - and a great reminder that it's time to upgrade our site ;)

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