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Agreed. If I were larry or sergei I'd fire Schmidt. Now, that might mean I'd never run a company as large as google, but I'm okay with that. This incident removes Google from my list of tech giants I'd work for leaving it, well, empty.

Sad to see. I'm not surprised by the behaviour of Apple and others, but I thought better of Google than this.

you are assuming that Sergei and Larry were not aware of this pact. if the firm's VP is aware of this pact and fired an employee over this, i would say Sergei amd Larry are guilty as well. eithet of collusion or gross neglect.

I must admit that the next time a Google recruiter contacts me, chances are good I'll bring up this case.

This is a fantastic idea. I regularly get contacted by a recruiter from Google. Citing it as a reason you wouldn't feel comfortable working there is definitely a way to impact their thinking the next time they have to make a decision that negatively impacts the people working for them. Developers have a lot of power as sought after employees.

Why are everyone in here so surprised at Google being in on this? Are tech people really that blinded by their fanboyism?

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