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We’re willing to file this story under “lean startup wankery,” folks.

WTF? How does "lean startup" factor into this? That seems like an odd little digression there at the end of the article.

"No matter how many corners you cut and no matter how small your team is, you still have to spend time and money on development and design."

The implication is that a slightly less lean startup would have had more design resources and wouldn't have done something so stupid.

OK, I guess I can see why somebody might have written that, especially after reading the other HN thread (which I had skipped before) and seeing the stuff about ghetto testing, etc.

BUT... I still believe that "lean principles" and "doing stupid things" are orthogonal ideas. Nothing about embracing lean mandates (or even suggests) doing something this lame-brained. I think it was a bit of an unreasonable jab at lean startup advocates, by the author of this piece.

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