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Banning TikTok Should Be Just the Beginning (nytimes.com)
12 points by jbegley 72 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

TBH privacy isn't the concern for me... I think the US can just write off their digital lives as being a tradable commodity at this point. That should be addressed, but TikTok is like a drop in the bucket, and Congress isnt going to do anything about it for many reasons.

The concern is influence. There's nothing to stop the Chinese govt from manipulating the recommendation algo, and that goes way beyond simply deprioritizing Tiananmen Square and such. They could skew elections, amplify issues, changes perceptions on the aggregate...

Some people in the US are seeing their net worth rapidly shrinking and they are mad about it

The west pays the price of their stagnation, they lost

The US banned China's 5G in 2016, we are in 2023 and they still haven't developed their own 5G

Let alone the upcoming 6G being tested in china already [1]

And that's an example in just one industry..

Where are the people who demonized cash less societies, big data and surveillance state? they said it was a bad thing, yet we are trying to replicate it as it's proven to be very effective!

"China bad" narrative shows its weakness, who was right?

Why are the people who are responsible of the current situation still holding the power and still get all the fruit of the society? They should be all replaced before it becomes too late

Western Civilization is slowly dying

[1] - https://www.ft.com/content/4a1eaf64-c956-45ab-9473-d1437e36d...

It's unfortunate that when one brings an interesting question, it's left uncommented

Let's debate guys, don't be shy!

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