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Ask HN: OpenAI services are blocked in Cambodia, how to circumvent that?
2 points by jerrygoyal 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
I'm traveling in Cambodia and got to know that I can't access my OpenAI account in this country. I want to build a product using GPT3.5 turbo API but for that I need to access OpenAI account. This is the error I see when I visit https://platform.openai.com/: "OpenAI's services are not available in your country. (error=unsupported_country)"

How to circumvent that? Any recommendations for privacy-friendly VPN or any other solution?

PS: I use Chrome on Mac.

If you have a VPS, you could probably set up an ssh tunnel.


If you live somewhere else, you could also probably set up something as simple as a raspberry pi at home (or really any old hardware) and forward the right ports to it.

If that's not your level of sophistication, then any VPN that works in Cambodia is probably fine. It's worth remembering that If you don't pay, you are the product. I would never use a free vpn.

ExpressVPN used to be great, even for china, but they got bought out by an evil company, also I think they were run out of Hong Kong anyway and I wouldn't trust anything from Hong Kong after China went full fascism.

Also you should switch to Firefox. Google wants to end AdBlock with ManifestV3 and they need to lose as many users as possible for doing so.

Apple private relay might be the best as far as corporate offerings: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212614

Since you're already on a Mac, using more apple products probably won't make your privacy stance any worse. I generally trust Apple more than most companies right now.

How does free tier of proton VPN compare?

I occasionally use its free tier and I thought the freetier is supported by the paid users. They get higher bandwidths, lots of related features and support while I get to use a basic VPN that is generally privacy oriented.

surprisingly, there's no chrome extension for it and i don't prefer installing system wide tool to proxy all the network

open a feature request with mullvad?

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