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$ 300 3D Printer, the Makible Makibox (makible.com)
13 points by Cerillio on Jan 27, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

To give this a little more context, we're not just trying to make a cheap 3D printer. Our goal is to make the first consumer friendly, sub $300 level 3D printer so that 3D printing can break from the current hobbyists / hackers market, into the hands of the designers and the average consumers. You can see my post here for more: https://plus.google.com/104194244178141073757/posts/fNjEoVJf...

It's my personal goal to enable the average consumer to innovate and become co-creators. My previous project was the LEGO crowdfunding site - http://LEGO.cuusoo.com/ Makible is a new startup I co-founded that will hopefully disrupt the current mass-manufacturing system and give power back to the local craftsmen & makers.

Have to be honest, I didn't know much about 3D printers until I heard about Makibox so you could classify me as below average user. Now,, with the price point as well, I am excited just to imagine the possibilities!

Yeah, I figured 3D printers won't really go mainstream (adoption by early majority) until it can hit the $300 mark like a PlayStation or XBox!

Once we've announced we're designing the MakiBox within the $300 budget, we get lots of feedbacks like yours. I was doing a Google+ Hangout last week and Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com) said:

"I was considering buying the Makerbot, but yours is $300?! And you can print bigger?! You win! I actually don't know what I can do with a 3D printer, I just know that it's cool!"

I thought that pretty much captured what I'm hoping for MakiBox, which is to get it into the hands of people who have little idea what they can do with it. I think the unbounded mind of these users, who hasn't gone through the trouble of building a RepRap or Makerbot and are aware the limitations of a 3D printer, will be so much more creative!

Putting 3D printers in the hands of avg users would create so much experimentation. I loved the LEGO, but this could be even cooler.

HeatSync Labs in Mesa, AZ hosts a 3D printing night where people (and kids!) can design and print their own objects with some hacker assistance. Its pretty rad. Result in first photo: http://www.heatsynclabs.org/last-weeks-in-pics-because-it-ha...

Awesome box that makes technology more accessible to the public!

Cool project!

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