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San Diego: join us for SD Hacker News meetup #25 (Fri 1/27) (anyvite.com)
33 points by compumike 2094 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

It's a bit far for me at the moment (I live in North Carolina) but I'm starting a new job soon that will entail some traveling. Hopefully I'll wind up on the west-coast in time for a future meetup. I'd love to come out and meet some of the guys and gals from SD.

Likewise, if any of you folks are ever in NC, look for a meeting of RTP Hackers & Founders and come hang out!

Glad to see you guys going strong. I attended the meetup back in 2010 at that small coffee shop. I'm no longer living in the area however; I wish you guys lots of good engaging conversations.

Anyone wanna do one of these in Copenhagen or southern Sweden?

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