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Node supports no language extensions that V8 doesn't. Ryan Dahl says:

"Node does not modify the JavaScript runtime. This is for the ECMA committee and V8 to decide. If they add coroutines (which they won't) then we will include it. If they add generators we will include them."

See Tim's thread, My Humble Coroutine Proposal (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/nodejs/HJOyNMKLgB8). Warning: long.

So, you don't like javascript? Don't use it.

But you won't beat the control over program state offered by javascript -- not until computers understand their programmers well enough to reason about program state. We need better computers, better computer science, and better programmers -- that's all. Then we can replace NodeJS with something better.

Until then, NodeJS is almost certainly the most tasteful solution to the most common problems. I hope its replacement meets so high a standard.

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