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I think you've actually demonstrated how something that would be really simple in python, gets horribly complicated in javascript. Or maybe it's just me...

If you use a continuation passing style in Python, then the code looks about the same. Most Python programmers use threads (and let the GIL give them a bit more thread safety than C++ and Java programmers get) or Twisted (with Deferreds).

I think you'll write better JavaScript if you know Python because Python encourages you to use named functions instead of lambdas. JavaScript fanbois get very excited about anonymous functions and overuse them; Python doesn't let you use anonymous functions for anything useful, so you tend to name things. (object.method is also nice syntax for working with callbacks.)

Anyway, Python and Node feel about the same to me, except for the fact that Python has nicer syntax.

No, it's definitely not just you. This seems way too difficult for trying to accomplish something so simple.

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