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Kara (Climate Tech, ESG) | NYC | Full Time | www.joinkara.com | Head of Engineering / Founding Engineer

Kara is a software platform to empower investors and technology companies to achieve their climate and social goals. The problem that we are solving is that investors (LPs and GPs), governments, and a whole new generation of consumers are increasingly asking if their capital is building the world that they want to see: Are our investments helping solve our climate crisis? What's the diversity of the leadership of our portfolio companies? Are there any practices within the companies that are not responsible?

We are a quickly growing startup, with numerous clients and pilots using our MVP platform. This is a great opportunity to be our founding engineer at Kara. We are looking for a senior/principal engineer that is ready to jump into the startup life and take the next step in their career as a founding engineer. We currently have an MVP built in no-code (Bubble) that works great at current scale, but you will build and own our next gen platform (to be built on a traditional tech stack from scratch). You will own the architecture, grow the engineering organization, develop and implement process, communicate technical strategy to multiple stakeholders, and work directly with the CEO and Head of Product to build the platform that aims to achieve their social and climate goals!

Location: Since the team is small and we are looking for a founding engineer, NYC is preferred, but also open to remote. In this case, travel to NYC would be beneficial to the team and we’d love to see and create with you in person!

For more information about us and the position, check out the description here: https://apply.workable.com/kara-inc/j/725A61AC38/

If you’d like more information before applying, feel free to reach out to me here: nick@modeselekt.com. My name is Nick and I’m Kara’s engineering advisor responsible for the MVP platform and helping to hire an amazing founding engineer!

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