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Biden Requests Record $886B Military Budget (2024) (commondreams.org)
3 points by chiefalchemist 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

does it never end? utter madness. the US is not even at war directly with anyone! my hometown is starved for jobs. people wander homeless, there is a major drug addiction epidemic, and all Biden can do is wet the appetites of an industry that is overpaid, and underperforming, on top of which has no war declaration to justify it's industry's bloat! if there is a war to fight tell us. we will fight it. but no war is one in secret and by simply throwing more money at nothing! this is symbolic of a failing empire.

You are aware of what's going on in Ukraine, right?

Most of the increase is inflation, the military budget has a significant salary components. If you don't pay solders well you end up with a corrupt military like Russia's

must've missed this thing called Jan.6th


Military companies and organizations can drum up support and make more money by creating a sense of fear out of other countries. There is one obvious country that these organizations are aiming at to get more funding.

To be fair it's almost the same with every president, both party included Biden it's just the last one

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