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Really, guys, you're downvoting this quite reasonable complaint? [Edit: I realize that by the time I posted this, it was no longer downvoted, but I'm not going to ninja-edit beyond posting this disclaimer]

Take a look at http://githire.com/best - do you really think Linus Torvalds is actually looking for a job, let alone going through this site to do so? If not (which is obviously the case), how is it not spammy and misleading to put him as number 1 on a "best" list on a jobs site? That goes along perfectly with the story that latchkey has told about being approached, unsolicited, with unwanted interview requests, and makes me think somewhere along the line, somebody forgot to think about what was proper and what was not. That's not okay, and I'm not very willing to dismiss it as "oops, we were launching, so we took a few shortcuts", it's spammy behavior, plain and simple.

There's probably something that could be done in this space, but this all just seems super shady.

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