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Ubuntu 10.04LTS has gnome 2, it also had gnome-do which was awesome. Ubuntu 12.04 is going to have unity/blurify or whatever -- this is a gigantic change and what prompted me to switch back to windows 7 on my laptop. This is too much change too fast especially when Ubuntu is targeting people from windows that are accustomed to windows xp/7.

TL;DR Ubuntu is moving wayyyy too fast.

I would argue it's not moving fast enough. We are in the middle of a very fast-paced transition in human-computer interaction. New form-factors like tablets are being adopted rapidly (nearly doubling over this holiday season alone). A speech-enabled HUD could become the killer app of hand-held devices. But it's still not on the market, and Canonical still do not have a way to install Ubuntu on tablets. E.g. They have to move even faster!

If you think that the pace of technological change is too fast, or if you think that the music is too loud and those young hooligans should get off your lawn... then please stay on XP; but don't hold back the rest o us who will move forward without you. I look forward to your similar rant against Windows 8 with it's hand-held interface design.

OK, I think I might have worded things a bit awkward there. Actually I agree with you completely in that technology is not moving fast enough. Having a speech enabled android tablet/phone could actually compete with siri and would be very, very cool.

The point that I disagree on is that Mark Shuttleworth & CO are releasing software every 6 months that in many cases (myself included) breaks comparability with hardware. This among other problems has IMO caused Ubuntu to fall to #2 on distrowatch, while Linux Mint which includes MATE and a much more customizable gnome 3 has risen to the top. If they can really make it against apple then more power to ‘em.

(yes I know Ubuntu does not include gnome 3 by default but both gnome 3 and unity depart from the traditional win95 style desktop)

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