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From the article: "although the old menu system will still be available for those who don’t want to use HUD or want to explore the available commands"

In addition, users upgrading from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS are already getting Unity (which is already in itself a breaking change). I see no reason to delay the introduction of this menu system.

As a user jumping between LTS versions I welcome both the introduction of Unity and the addition of keyboard-driven, menu searches.

I see your point though: maybe a better solution would be to have it in the LTS but disabled by default?

I think the best solution would be packaging Unity/HUD separate from LTS and requiring the user to install it, if they wanted to, like they could with any desktop environment.

Of course, if it was already installed on the system pre-update it would install and update Unity/HUD.

They could also make it an option on their already very option heavy (which is good) download page.

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