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> The HUD will be introduced with the next version of Ubuntu, 12.04

> Shuttleworth: "It will be interesting to see how users react to the changes."

Please... this is an LTS release and your users aren't guinea pigs. I would hate to see another potentially promising feature get bad-mouthed all over the place due to premature release. Something like this needs months of usability testing. Couldn't they just wait until 12.10?

From the article: "although the old menu system will still be available for those who don’t want to use HUD or want to explore the available commands"

In addition, users upgrading from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS are already getting Unity (which is already in itself a breaking change). I see no reason to delay the introduction of this menu system.

As a user jumping between LTS versions I welcome both the introduction of Unity and the addition of keyboard-driven, menu searches.

I see your point though: maybe a better solution would be to have it in the LTS but disabled by default?

I think the best solution would be packaging Unity/HUD separate from LTS and requiring the user to install it, if they wanted to, like they could with any desktop environment.

Of course, if it was already installed on the system pre-update it would install and update Unity/HUD.

They could also make it an option on their already very option heavy (which is good) download page.

> Something like this needs months of usability testing.

Seeing as how 12.04 is many months away, I don't understand your disagreement.

Features and UI for 12.04 will be frozen in less than a month from now.


I thought it was odd too that they'd put this in an LTS release, however it's not a done deal yet:

Landing in 12.04 LTS is gated on more widespread testing. You can of course try this out from a PPA or branch the code in Launchpad (you will need these two branches). Or dig deeper with blogs on the topic from Ted Gould, Olli Ries and Gord Allott. Welcome to 2012 everybody!


That's one reason I'm back to Debian for a year now.

The GNOME 3 shell is in the Ubuntu archive, same as Debian. AIUI, it's one "apt-get install" away.

It seems a bit overkill to switch distro just because you don't like the default.

But that's the whole reason I'm using Ubuntu in the first place: sensible defaults. There are plenty of other great distros out there and switching is easy, especially to such a close relative of Ubuntu like Debian.

Too much user-friendly cruft in Ubuntu now. Debian keeps the good parts and doesn't make me do extra work disabling the WM and friends. XMonad >>= that was easy.

well, i did change from debian to ubuntu just because of the hardware drivers being there by default. So it's just logical.

Also on Debian sid, I'm using this for some 5 months

Just an overgrow gnome-go, with lots of settings screen missing

There are even projects appearing to close the gap. What i strongly believe it's a waste of everybody time

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