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I got news for you ubuntu, CLIs have been doing that since ever. I wonder how people decide to do things like these: the purpose of a GUI is to do the work faster. Did anyone ever try to measure how much longer it takes to perform something by typing it instead of searching through menus? CLIs make sense when you have thousands of commands available, but a typical application has less than 50 commands available and it makes perfect sense to have them in menus (BTW it's the same reason why restaurants have menus and google doesn't).

How about an alternative: Leave the menus as is, and introduce a global keyboard shortcut that searches menus, a per-application Alt-F2

Wouldn't happen. Abandoning user choice and configurability seems to be in vogue with designers these days. We're just slouching our way toward our future as passive appliance users.

(I totally agree - either turn it into a keyboard shortcut, or a reserved 16x16px spyglass icon in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar...)

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