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Random question -- does any operating system or application, having noticed you did something the hard way, say, "hey, next time, hit Ctrl-% when you want to do that?"

The only application I've ever seen that does this is Emacs. I wish it were in more programs.

Both Windows and OS X have conventions in place to help with discoverability.

Windows menus items have certain letters underlined, and you can hit Alt+underlined letter to open a menu, then Alt+letter to select an item or submenu. It provides both discoverability and keyboard-based navigation.

OS X places hotkeys at the far right of every menu item which has a hotkey equivalent.

sure, discoverability. I guess what I want as a user is for Excel to tell me, "you're formatting a lot of cells the same, have you heard about format painter?" ... though as Clippy that was a little obnoxious.

That would be great. Do you know any other apps (other than emacs, that is) that provide a similar sort of discoverability? And on the similar note, is there a way to make emacs's tips be even more prominent?

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