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So without a browsable menu, how do I discover what features a program has? Normally that's done by browsing through the menus.

I'm hoping by final release that the HUD will include a drill-down menu (like the iPod) or something similar if the search box is blank.

Drilling down to see leaves and then drilling back up to the root to see the next branch sounds tedious...unless I can do it the same exact way that it can be done now with a mouse and a normal menu (i.e. without clicking, just hovering).

However, "hover" isn't a touch thing, so I bet that Ubuntu will make that functionality a 2nd class citizen or just cut it out altogether in favor of more a more tedious "touch oriented" (read: clicky) drill-down behavior. Which will suck (IMO).

Aren't drop-down menus technically the same as "drill-down" in terms of number of clicks? As long as you can use "breadcrumbs" that allow you to quickly access the hierarchy of menu items, it shouldn't require any additional clicks to get to the option you want.

Yes, drop-down menus are a drill-down system, but after the first click, you can see each subsequent menu's drop-down by simply hovering.

In a touch-oriented drill-down scenario, there's no concept of a hover, so you have to touch once to see every level of the menu.

This is what I was thinking too. How would I know it's called "blur"? of course I know now because I've seen it before.

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