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"Instead of hunting through drop-down menus to find application commands, Ubuntu’s Head-Up Display lets users type what they want to do into a search box."

Do I detect a touch of Jef Raskin's idea of typeable commands here as well? I'll have to re-vist his The Humane Interface

Bring it on I say

Yup, immediately reminded me of Jef's son Aza's work on the Enso and Ubiquity projects.

Appears to work well. I think it might be adaptive to some extent in the same way that the Dash is for program names. For instance, typing 'new window' at first produced a list of odd commands, but then after several invocations, the File -> New Window option was listed first.

Trivial example obviously. The activation key is 'alt' at present and appears to be hard wired.

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