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No, the ones that employ more than one or two people and make decent amounts of money sell services related to GPLed software. (In a world where everyone had proper Internet connections, we wouldn't have companies selling GPL software on physical media at all.) This probably isn't profitable in many cases, especially when distributing directly to the consumer rather than building a product for other business.

There is another special case, but it's selling software in spite of the GPL; home routers, set top boxes, etc. Were they to use GPLv3 software, they'd have no way to protect against another company using their (potentially substantial) work on the software, building/copying the hardware design and creating cheap knock-offs within a few weeks of release, making it too costly to continue.

If a group of companies and individuals wanted to come together to build a new router platform where all would contribute back to it, but they could differentiate themselves on edge features, management interfaces, etc, the BSD license is good enough; and probably a better bet than the GPL.

And the practical differences are?

I think he just described some.

There seems to be a phenomenon on HN of hardcore anti-copyright or pro-piracy posters who reply antagonistically to posts that they appear to have either deliberately misread or not read at all.

The discussion is about the statement: "But he's asking ALL software developers to stop making software for money"

That is blatantly false. Who gives a shit if they are selling software, or selling "support" for software? Either way people are making money with GPL software.

There seems to be a phenomenon on HN of absurd pedants deliberately derailing conversations.

My post was a reply to:

"You do realize that people sell GPL'd software all the time, right?"

You specifically said sell and I asked for examples.

As I said, pedants derailing conversations. The most popular way seems to be selectively ignoring context.


So sue me.

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