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Html5please (html5please.us)
415 points by cleverjake on Jan 23, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 34 comments

Nice work. However I'd suggest you reduce the focus on search box (probably even remove it) . It's not working for most searches and is taking far too much attention. I probably would have left the page, had I not scrolled down by chance.

You might also want to add new input attributes like number, date, time and search etc.

Search worked fine for everything I tried. I will say that the "link to this search" button is where I would expect the "go" button to be, but it's a live search instead. A tad confusing.

I agree. A problem is that the search results are below the fold on a 800px high screen, and the text would be more descriptive if it said "type to search for features" or something like that, and not be selected on page load (in Chromium at least)

Of course, besides that I think this is very helpful. Thank you very much for making this.

what search is not working? We are looking to add more features soon!

I tried the input tag among others. On a second inspection, I just missed most of the results because they are below the fold.

It didn't return results for "sessionStorage", but "localStorage" worked.

Divya is this via boilerplate, huh?

I prefer http://caniuse.com/ as there is far less scrolling and a better brake down of browser support. It doesn't suggest polyfills and shims though and this one does.

This is definitely not suggested as a replacement. We link to caniuse.com for details. This is for suggestions on how to use a particular feature.

I hadn't heard of the term polyfill before (despite having used them) ... just means providing browser specific code to patch the renderer for the lack of an otherwise supported feature.

It was the first thing I searched for on-site, didn't leave me any the wiser.

eg http://remysharp.com/2010/10/08/what-is-a-polyfill/

This site is great not only for its recommendations, but also as a list of cool things that I didn't know about but may want to use.

A link to the W3C spec or MDN page for each tag/feature would be a nice addition.

If you'd like to see this, why don't you file an issue on the repo?


I love the site, and can see myself using it in the future. It'd be great if you could get Back behaviour working as expected, though.

Perhaps include a brief explanation as to what each feature does or is for so trips to google aren't as necessary?

There is a link at the bottom for browser market share or learn more for most of these features.

Great work! And thank you for linking to our blog post (http://www.scirra.com/blog/44/on-html5-audio-formats-aac-and...) in the Audio tag!

It is becoming hard to keep up. Sites like this shows that the pace of HTML5 is incredible. And since with every new feature introduced there are hundred ways to use it, we can just guess what the web will look like after a year.

Thanks! Could come in handy when I start to look at cross browser compatibility at our start-up. Have been debugging issues solely in Chrome/Firefox to ensure I don't kill myself with IE issues prematurely.

Some formatting issues on (my) mobile (EVO 4G, Android 2.2, stock browser). The small text (html, css, api, js) next to each feature gets cut off some when in portrait mode.

In Chrome, Windows 7 the CSS3 circles in the background shift around when you highlight anything or expand one of those info boxes.

Calc() is going to be a killer feature when it gains support on iOS and Android. It seems to me that a polyfill should be possible.

How about "please don't use stuff that makes rendering horrifically slow on relatively modern hardware?"

It's actually there on for example box-shadow, one of the worse offenders

I was expecting to see examples/demos when clicking each feature (hint hint).

Useful site.

Will definitely use it in the future to look up features.

This page represents everything I hate about "HTML5" so far: flashy for no reason, slow as hell and for all for very little content.

My experience was different; I found the site easy to navigate and able to deliver just the essential details rapidly. For technical details, we have MDN, Wikipedia, caniuse, and Google.

WoW! Great work.. A good resource.

Very useful, thanks!

Wow, this should be your one and only starting point for anything which starts with HTML5. Kudos to the team, great job guys, makes life lot easier for everyone.

It scrolls really slowly and clicking the titles doesn't do anything.

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