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Ask HN: Where do you go to find tech co-founder?
9 points by _448 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
Apart from YC's co-founder matching platform and Subreddit 'cofounder', where else do you go to find a tech co-founder?

I am a software engineer and I am looking for a tech co-founder with 3D graphics, games and or simulations experience for a multi-user mobile XR(eXtended Reality) startup in EdTech space.

Do you know any other platforms where finding tech co-founders is possible?

I have personally given up on finding a co-founder randomly through these match sites. Everyone has their own agenda and you cannot start a company with strangers. I know some people succeed with these platforms but for me, it just hasn't worked. May be I haven't put in enough effort. But the idea of starting a company with a stranger or someone you just met seems crazy.

Look into your own network first. I know it is not always easy if most of your network is not entrepreneurial but you never know. I hired someone in my team out of a corporate job who used to be my co-worker 10 years ago. He is not co-founder but an excellent team member for our small company.

If not your network, I truly believe that it will be accidental. It could be someone you may work with and realize that they are lot more than just a co-worker/team member. I truly believe it has to be accidental.

True co-founders have to know each other well especially how they behave when shit hits the fan and shit WILL hit the fan if you are working on a serious company.

The best way is to be involved in communities focused on this sort of thing. YC and Indie Hackers are two. There is also Indie Worldwide. Aside from that, networking and staying active on Twitter seem to be fairly effective.

I met my co-founder (non-technical) by posting on Indie Hackers that I was looking for a co-founder.

"Wanna be co-founder"


I wanna join a startup. I'm also a software engineer. I've internship experience in a mixed reality company.

my linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/siriki/

Let me know if you're interested.

Please could you ping me via email? I have stopped using LinkedIn for sometime now. My email is in my HN profile.

There are a lot of events and conferences for team leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs. You should talk with people, but don't look desperate.. say you have an idea and you just want a feedback. The more connections you have, the more chance you will find someone. It takes time

You should visit Rather Labs (https://www.ratherlabs.com) You can contact them in order to find a co-founder for your project!

I have 20 years of experience in the field and some experience running a business. Happy to discuss things if you like.

Thank you!

Please could you share info on how I should connect with you? My email is in my HN profile in case you want to contact privately.

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