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That's interesting that you feel my blog is about addressing weaknesses. I'm generally not a fan of "fixing weaknesses" and more about "developing strengths". However, I do think that being afraid of something is different from generally being bad at it. Many people confuse the two because they are sometimes related.

When I was learning a new skill in gymnastics, I was bad at it and often scared of it. But that's because it was brand new. As I overcame my fear and figured out the skill, I got better. Sometimes I realized it was not worth learning, but that realization is decoupled with my fear of it.

The issue is that when building a startup (again where pg indicates being resourceful is valuable) you have to go beyond your areas of strength and do / learn things that you aren't good at. That doesn't mean you are "fixing weaknesses", it just means you have to go beyond your core strengths to get the job done. It also means being creative, flexible and persistent - the elements of resourcefulness.

I think you're playing a semantic game now.

Also, you define resourcefulness in a way that ignores the necessary domain knowledge. Without sufficient domain knowledge, an otherwise 'resourceful' person cannot appear as such.

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