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How does "difficulty to talk with" fit into your picture of "really attacking the issue"?

If you're really attacking the issue, you're not concerned with talking about it.

The whole issue comes down to fear. Fear that the challenges and issues are a negative, and feeling embarrassed by it.

Being bold, attacking the issue, tracking down details, giving updates on status without fear. These are the qualities.


Being timid. Hearing the request, and putting it off because you don't know where to start. Not asking for help because you don't want to be thought of as someone who doesn't know something. Working on other tasks that you are good at, but not addressing the tasks you're not good at. The next time you think about it (aside from worry), is you being asked for a status and you have nothing. You put off the email.

That's the difference no? That's what I see working in startups.

There are the types that you hand them something, and they own it, and there are the types that you hand them something, and they fidget with it, and delay it at the first challenge that they don't know.

Perhaps I'm reading it wrong. That's my experience.

You are describing it right. Note that being flexible and open-minded helps to overcome fear of making a mistake.

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