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You make some excellent points. However, there is room to critize Apple for not making that particular clause absolutely crystal clear instead of merely including it in a EULA which the vast majority of users will never look at.

Also, while your anology to the FSF is technically correct, I think it is safe to say that the FSF as currently governed would not do that. So, while your point is valid, it is a bit misleading to identify them by name.

It's right on the dialog where you publish your document, not just buried in the EULA.

A place where you will find it after creating the document, rather than before.

"Where you'll find it after creating your first experimental 'Hello, world' document" might be a better way of putting it, unless you're suggesting that someone might actually write an entire book using a piece of new software without even testing it out.

It's not like they couldn't have made this clear by showing the same information when you first started the program, rather than when you have something you want to save. I can think of many reasons for that choice, but none are good.

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