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Ask HN: Resources for Android HAL, Framework, Platform Development in Automotive
2 points by daredevil_kohai 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite
Basically the title. I work in an IT company as an android application developer for automotive infotainment systems. So far my work has been in limited to android coding for making HMI interface and the android service layer related to the apps. I have some expertise in IPC communication implementation using AIDL, between the apps inside the custom automotive OS we develop. I want to have a good understanding of android native frameworks and services and android HAL layer. Also would like to have some exposure to concepts of JNI and to have experience in interfacing JAVA and native layer modules through JNI. If anyone knows good resources to start at these things in light of automotive domain, please share it with me. If you can guide me in the right direction, advices are also helpful to someone who is aspired to have a career in this automotive platform development. I would like to switch for a job where these skills are required, but my android application development knowledge is not enough to crack any of those interviews that seek knowledge and experience in automotive platform development. Thanks in Advance!

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