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For all of you speculating about what business decisions took Kodak to the current situation let me give you my perspective as someone who still buys their film products. I'm also sort of experienced in shooting digital.

I personally believe Kodak screwed film.

I mean, their new emulsions are superb, and they can run around Ilford and Fuji in circles in everything except maybe slides, where Kodak is still better but ridiculously expensive. They screwed film because they where the only ones in a position to take film into the next technological level, but kept managing that division as if it was 1980 and everybody was still printing at the lab or at their own darkroom. They should have focused more on people who still develop at the lab but scan film themselves.

The only feature they introduced that helped self-scanning was stronger carriers. They also claim dyes that ease color management in some of their color negative films but I call that bullshit. Color management in color negative film is a PITA unless you own a Kodak minilab. They had the opportunity to give everyone better color management technology by making targets that are affordable, making easy to use software or even making their own film scanner. They didn't, even thou there were strong rumors about it happening, and even while they still sell their stupid 4x6 print scanners.

Basically now scanning color negative films for most photographers is sort of a painfully inaccurate manual process. Slides are easier but also cost more and have less dynamic range than digital and similar color rendition and accuracy. Black and white can be managed by even amateur photographers but Kodak could still make it a whole lot easier.

I really would like for at least their film division to manage to go out of bankruptcy, since I have only recently began shooting Ektar and love Portra... But if they really go out of business I think I'll sell my MF film gear and start saving for a full frame 35mm DSLR or maybe a Pentax 645d.

Kodak emulsions are fantastic, I will agree with you there. I happen to actually quite like NPH and NPS (or whatever the hell they're called now) and can put in a solid recommendation for Reala, which is available in 120. I'm much more familiar with the Ilford side of the stable, where I generally prefer to go with FP4+ (still IMHO the best all-round B&W and runs rings around Plus-X) and Delta 400. I find I disagree with the TMax emulsions too much to be happy using them, but I'm assuming here that you do, because almost nobody really loves Plus-X... in that case I might recommend Fuji's ACROS as a near TMax 100 substitute. I don't get along with it for the same reasons I don't get along with TMX but it is very good at what it does.

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