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A small mobile marketing company jumping into the wild wild west of real time bidding. It would be used more so for logging impression requests to be used later for further analysis. Our bidder would need to be able to handle upwards of 5000 bid requests per second. Though these requests can be throttled down, naturally the more data we can collect the better. This also doesn't include the associated costs with querying the data which would end up adding up quickly.

Now I'm not sure this would be the ideal solution for such a thing (in fact it probably is not), but it's just the first thing that came to mind. In the grand scheme of things sure that may seem like a trivial amount due to the use case, but we're still more in the realm of a startup where dropping ~$3k/month on the data store alone makes me cringe a little when we have other expenses to account for also. :)

$3k/month = $36k/year

Consider this cost relative to the cost of a trustworthy ops person, plus the capex & opex of running your own reliable & scalable DB.

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