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Show HN: VS Code GoLang Productivity Extension (visualstudio.com)
3 points by tooltitude 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite
Let me introduce the Tooltitude VS Code extension. Our extension augments the official GoLang extension with a set of power tools which make you a more productive developer.

What do we provide:

- Inspections - checks which look at your code and warn you about potential problems in your code. Here’re some highlights

  - Highlighting of deprecated symbol usages in the editor (gopls doesn’t highlight them at the moment of writing)

  - Variable shadowing detection

  - Use of interface{} instead of any 

  - Redundant parenthesis
- Code actions - code changes activated by Ctrl+. (Win, Linux), or Cmd+. (on Mac).

  - Handle error: https://twitter.com/tooltitude/status/1620448875311165442 

  - Apply DeMorgan laws: https://twitter.com/tooltitude/status/1620814134240747520 

  - Iterate over collection: https://twitter.com/tooltitude/status/1621146816736800768 

  - Invert If: https://twitter.com/tooltitude/status/1623336440930107397
  - Overall we currently have more than 20 code actions, and working on adding more
What’s next:

- Install and try in VS Code right now: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=tooltitu... - Read more about our features: https://www.tooltitude.com/

We are looking for feedback from users, so if there’re any features, inspections or code actions you re interested it, feel free to comment here, write to support@tooltitude.com, or write to us on twitter: https://twitter.com/tooltitude

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