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Oh yeah, it's just another set of nice-sounding words to make the bill sound more friendly. Just like how NBC's VP called it a "jobs bill," playing on the hot 2009-2012 buzzword "jobs." If anything, older consumers are way less willing to pirate a product; they tend to look for legit brands. It took a lot to convince my mom that streaming TV shows online was (mostly) legal before she would do it. As for younger generations, they know very well what they're doing when they pirate.

SOPA is a crime bill, and we need to make sure any attempts to paint it as a "jobs bill" are corrected. We can then move on to how it's a crime bill where the costs are far out of whack with the benefits, but I feel we're playing from behind when their first card is the "jobs bill" card and we don't immediately call them on it.

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