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We'll probably end up using just MPI at Exascale. I was at Supercomputing 2011, I swear half the speakers might have just gone up on stage, stuck their fingers in their ears, and yelled "NAH NAH NAH CAN'T HEAR YOU, MPI IS ALL WE NEED NAH NAH NAH".

Heh. Well the current threading models are much worse from the perspective of libraries and hierarchical memory. I work with some of the MPICH developers and members of the MPI Forum. Nobody is satisfied with the status quo, but we need a viable threading system. Some people think we'll end up with MPI+CUDA/OpenCL, others (myself included) would generally prefer a system with in-node communicators and collectives, with a concept of compatible memory allocation. The system-level tools are basically available in pthreads and libnuma (unfortunately Linux-only), but we're working on formulating better APIs because the annotation-based approach of OpenMP isn't very good for long-lived threads or heterogeneous task distributions and systems like TBB are too intrusive and still don't really address NUMA.

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