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This is an incredible decompilation for another reason: graphical hacks. The Pokemon in Red and Blue were notoriously compressed, making it insanely difficult to add new Pokemon versus later games like Gold and Silver. These games were barely touched by the ROM hacking scene for that reason. From https://acmlm.kafuka.org:81/archive3/thread.php?pid=74848...:

> Pokemon Red and Blue was notorious for having a graphics compression format that nobody could crack.

>They used a very uniqie and strange compression that actually draws the graphics in different

> layers, based on color. If you see the Z80 assembly from the actual routines used for decompressing

> graphics you will see why nobody has ever figured it out.

Hopefully this will lead to some killer Gameboy hacks in the future.

What were the ROM sizes on the Red/Blue cartridge vs. the Gold/Silver cartridge?

Sure, take a look:

    Japanese RGB:  512 KB
    All other RB:  1 MB
    Yellow:        1 MB
    GSC:           2 MB
Yet a lot of this Red is empty space.

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