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I run the theory of computing blog aggregator (http://feedworld.net/toc/). P =? NP "solutions" show up on there every couple of weeks. The community basically just ignores them because of the virtual certainty that it is flawed. Here is a meta-page discussing the attempts: http://www.win.tue.nl/~gwoegi/P-versus-NP.htm

Idle question: if you had found something interesting on the problem, what process would you follow to try to get it verified?

I'd doubt my sanity :) But if I was convinced I had something interesting, I'd send it to my friends before making it public. If I didn't have friends who were respected theorists, I'd post it to a cs-theory mailing list. Most importantly, I wouldn't title it "P != NP"; I'd rather say, "here's a line of thought that might have implications for P =? NP; please tell me where I'm going wrong."

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