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Ask HN: Reputable Domain Marketplace?
4 points by wdrw on Feb 8, 2023 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Over many years of various side projects / entrepreneurial experiments, I've accumulated a bunch of domain names. I am still paying for them, mostly out of inertia. Some of them are pretty good names, but it's clear by now that I'm not going to use them. Is there a reputable domain aftermarket / marketplace that people can recommend to list these for sale?

Great question. You and I sound alike in this respect. I created a quick-and-dirty marketplace for my own portfolio (https://clearance.domains) but it does not get much traffic. I have also tried these:

- Dan.com (now part of GoDaddy)

- NameLiquidate.com (part of Epik)

- Sedo.com

- Have converted a few to stand-alone, no-maintenance sites using newsy.co (if you are open to referral links: https://www.newsy.co?r=newsyco-1000) and really dig it. But sadly, I'm pretty much convinced that trying to build any meaningful revenue solely from PPC ads is no longer a viable model.

If you find something that works for you, please let us know here.

I used godaddy.com and sav.com in the past. Both worked pretty okay. Domains were couple of hundred each, I don't have any experience with _really good names_. YMMV.

Iā€™d be curious about this as well. What domains are you looking to list?

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