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Show HN: Hacker News, but Just ChatGPT (neontomo.com)
41 points by neontomo 51 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

This post introduces a version of Hacker News that only posts about ChatGPT. It's a tongue-in-cheek joke, meant to poke fun at Hacker News for its highly ChatGPT-centric content. As Paul Graham famously said, “Hacker News is like a newsroom for software engineers, but it's like a newsroom that only covers ChatGPT.”

What this post is really saying is that the current version of Hacker News is too focused on ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is a great technology, it's not the only technology out there, and it's not the only thing that software engineers should be discussing. What other types of topics should the Hacker News community be discussing? How can the community expand its scope and focus on other topics that could benefit software engineers?

The deeper problem is that the “Hacker News bubble” has become too insular. The same people post the same topics, and the same topics get discussed over and over again. The same topics get upvoted, and the same people get rewarded for their posts. This creates a feedback loop that reinforces the same topics and the same people.

This post proposes a solution to this problem by introducing a version of Hacker News that only posts about ChatGPT. Of course, this is a tongue-in-cheek suggestion and the poster is not actually advocating for such a thing. Rather, the poster is making a statement about the current state of Hacker News.

The post is a reminder that Hacker News should be a platform for discussing a wide variety of topics, not just ChatGPT. It's a reminder that we should strive to diversify our discussions and to focus on topics that benefit the software engineering community as a whole. It's a reminder that the Hacker News bubble should be broken, and that the community should strive to be more inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and interests.

Was this generated by ChatGPT?

I predicted something like this would happen back in 2020 after seeing the GPT-3 output, I'm kind of surprised it's taking this long, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of reddit etc end up approximating this. The idea of internet commentary might get weird if its easy to flood the world with "kinda human [but also secretly has your opinions that you want to softly push]" comments.

> Will the average person be influenced? If advertising and the idea of saying something over and over works, and words are free, and you can GPT-3 your hand-rolled (or state authorized) propaganda every day in every comment thread in every forum to look like an average person is advocating for X, will other average people be more convinced of X?

my somewhat hasty notes, then: https://simonsarris.com/commentdammerung/

Are you saying this post is about GPT-generated HN? It doesn't look like that to me. It looks like real HN posts, just filtered to only be GPT-related ones.

Oh I thought this was going to be every headline on the front page just making GPT generate what it thinks the article is.

I often see the title and just make up what the article must be, and jump straight to the comments, so it would be fun to see what GPT can generate from the titles.

That's a great idea, I'll wait for the official API though, not looking to get b&.

This is ChatGPT generated articles and comments about ChatGPT?

I think it's real HN but with posts filtered to only include those that mention ChatGPT?

Kind of a funny reaction to recent "can we stop talking so much about ChatGPT" posts and comments.

Exactly right, haha. I thought, let's turn up the annoyingness of ChatGPT by only having that. But it's not much different from the current HN anyway.

There are at least a few real posts I recognize from the last several days.

Those were written by ChatGPT actually

haha, good one! upvoted

Thanks buddy!


Please don't. HN is for human conversation and we ban bot accounts.

Nice try, ChatGPT.

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