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V7 – Remote or On-Site – London, UK – Full Time
1 point by anna-mariev7 49 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

We’re automating humanity’s most important visual tasks from early cancer screening, to alzheimer’s research, to giving sight to autonomous robots. Dealroom’s most promising breakout company of 2022, Forbes top 20 ML startup of 2021. Raised $33m Series A end of 2022 and backed by AI heavyweights, including the creators of Keras, Elixir and leaders at DeepMind and OpenAI.

This month we’re hiring for:

- Director of Engineering

-Back-End Developer (Elixir)

- Front End Developer

- Platform Engineer

- Lead Deep Learning Engineer

All roles and applications here!: https://www.v7labs.com/working-at-v7

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