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I actually enjoy this, but it makes something unbalanced in the top bar. The "search box + more" is aligned with the centered text, but the 'more' button color makes it disappear layout-wise. Coloring it the same as the search button would make it more button-y and would overall balance the layout more.

Other design nitpicks:

- the search button is green on the home page but blue on the results page (while the goose knot is still green).

- the menus like behind the 'more' button feel out of place (weirly sized, lacks padding and all). They do not 'flow' enough out of the buttons so they feel floaty and disconnected to their trigger.

Thanks for the suggestion.

On the search button: on the homepage it goes with the logo tie more, but on the inner page all the green makes it look too much like Christmas. And then in testing, people generally actually liked how it changed (a bit fresher). However, this could be a target for another setting.

On the menus, they will be redesigned.

> However, this could be a target for another setting

Watch out for featurecreepitis, too much settings kill settings. Much better for a designer is to acknowledge compromises, decide and stand up for your choices.

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