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Re: > "But the vast majority of customers are willing to pay if the product is widely available and the price is fair."

I pirated Crossing the chasm a few days ago because the publisher thought it would be smart to make it "not available in my region" http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3436550.

I was willing to pay, I had paid for several kindle books. I evan bought another book after pirating the "unavailable" one.

Do not equate "Piracy is not a real problem" to "Piracy is not theft". Regardless of your motives, you still pirated/stole it.

Defining piracy to be theft takes the meaning out of the word "theft".

I believe copyrights that restrict individuals are an unjustified burden on society, and so I would never support the copyright industry by paying for copyrighted content.

I generally prefer to use free software (even using pirated software contributes to its ecosystem) but if I must use non-free software, I will not pay for it anyway. Given that I would never pay for it -- whether I use it or not, using the word theft is silly: A resource isn't being moved from one place to another. A new resource is being created, in the privacy of my own environment.

Copyleft restricts individuals as well. What about plagiarism? Is it theft? Copyright is about the holder of the IP being able to control the use of the IP. Consumers can either accept those terms or not. I don't know what the penalties should be for copyright or copyleft violations but there should be some. I am also not sure about the best way to enforce it. SOPA or OPEN isn't the answer but there is a problem.

I believe the restrictions on individuals placed by copyleft are necessary and justified.

I'm not against restrictions in general, I'm against draconian restrictions that do much more harm than good.

Do you donate money to the people who write the free software you use?

Rarely (I want to donate more, but I'm worried about online financial transactions in general). I donate some patches, bug reports and code, though.

Yes, I do.

Ah, but it's not theft/stealing is it? "Piracy" is in actuality copyright infringement.


You should also be wary of confusing legality with morality. Notice how in no part of the post you have responded to has OoTheNigerian denied committing copyright infringement. In fact, he describes his actions himself not once, but twice as piracy. He is not denying that he did it. He is however suggesting that he is a moral person, which I suspect is what you find so confusing (make no mistake about it, you are quite confused.)

He didn't steal anything. He paid the price the producer was charging in his country: nothing.

Don't make something of value to a person and then refuse to sell it to him at any price whatsoever. You can't shove a man in a box then turn around and cry foul when he finds a hole in it.

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