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Looks like a clean, straight-to-the-point design.

The top box has some padding issues when hovering the contained links: there's more padding on the left than on the right, and the first link has more padding on the right than the next two (tested in latest stable Chrome & Firefox). See screenshot: http://polyprograms.free.fr/tmp/DuckDuckGoPaddingTopBox.png

On an unrelated note: I have a hard time taking your service seriously because of the duck branding and the DuckDuckGo name. It looks like you're doing a great job but somehow DuckDuckGo doesn't feel like a name for something I would use on a day-to-day basis. I guess I can just overlook it if the service is good enough but I do wonder if your brand is hurting your service. Maybe it's just me though!

Which search engine do you use? The ones I've tried all have silly names: Google, Bing!, Duck Duck Go, Blekko...



Thanks for the screenshot -- I'm adding those padding issues to Asana.

We've had endless brand name discussions from the beginning :). So duly noted!

For the record, I switched to DDG in part because of the duck. (All right, so it was a very small part, but the point remains--the duck is awesome.) :)

It's worth noting for non-Americans that it's a play on the common children's game "Duck Duck Goose" (I think).

But "google" is pretty normal, right? Or "yahoo?" Or "bing?"

Your point is well-taken, but I think it's just a matter of normalizing the name. Granted, "duck, duck, go" doesn't roll off the tongue as smoothly as the other services, but I'm not sure that's a critical issue.

I think you've made it clearer for me: the fact that it feels like a sentence plays a big part in the weird factor, it's like I'm addressing someone instead of citing a name for a service.

But I guess it's a minor concern indeed. I just wouldn't feel very confident using a similar name for a product of my own, knowing that it could be a turn-off.

We've started calling it ddg among my friends, it has a nice ring to it, to bad they don't have a url using this acronym since it's also very fast to type.

They offer http://ddg.gg as a short option.

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks :)

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