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Yeah, this menu and the drop down next to the search box are both slated for redesign as well but didn't want to hold up the launch any more. Any specific suggestions on them would be greatly appreciated.

The entire "More" menu seems out of place. I would expect it to have options related to search, and a few items in there definitely are relevant, but the presence of the Privacy and Feedback links make it seem like things were thrown in there because there wasn't anywhere else for them to go.

Minor comment: the spacing between the top of the page and the top of the search bar is inequal to the spacing from the bottom of the search bar to the top of the content body. 2px top margin to the #search_form seems to balance that out.

Otherwise, looks great. Love what you've done with the place.

My cursor isn't changing when floating over More, intentional?

Nope, bug. Thanks -- adding to list. It used to be just a hover thing.

If I click on the "More" button, it opens a dropdown menu. If I click anywhere else on the page, then this dropdown menu should close. As it stands, it stays open unless you explicitly click the More button again.

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