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Review our weekend project: Bundlenut
29 points by slewis on Jan 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Its a really simple platform for making "bundles" of links and sharing them. Its alpha-ish right now so you might find some bugs. Release early etc.

All feedback appreciated!

I really like it. It's a great project, guys. I like the art/design of it. I get it right away. Just some thoughts:

1) If I am not mistaken, I think your jscrollpane code is acting very wonky on some cases. jscrollpane default-styled scrollbar is popping up randomly. Double check the test cases to make sure.

2) mixpanel api script is dynamically putting intself into the DOM (head) multiple times

3) .directions a { text-decoration:none; } (for the "Make your own" button)

4) it seems that on initial load, the url-group pane goes up on any mouse click (left/right) and then acts normally.

Hope that helps and good luck. I think it's a very neat idea.

(Also, just a personal preference, but "brought to you by [Bundlenut] or [bundlenut.com]" look a bit nicer than "[www.bundlenut.com]")


Wow fantastic feedback. Consider all of this done. What browser/OS are you using?

Firefox 9.0.1/Windows 7

I fixed all the issues except 1). Sent you an email.

Clickable link: http://www.bundlenut.com

Looks cool :) Like it. Some quick suggestions:

1) Show the URL of each link following the Title/Description (search-result style)

2) Make a browsable directory of topics/categories (possibly two levels: Topic/Sub-Topic, general web directory style). Next, allow bundle creators to submit/tag each bundle under a category.

This way, users interested in finding/browsing links of particular topics can find them all easily.

HTH and all the best. (Let me know if you need any more specifics/help - we've been building general/niche directories for almost a decade.)

Thanks! We'll let you know what we end up doing.

Some latency with synchronous calls on the editing page when a new row appears (from down under, perhaps this is common for Australia web use).


Looks good guys, I can see the uses for this


looks pretty cool, some students from my university had a similar idea http://bundlr.com you should check it out, they released a redesign some weeks ago.

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