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Show HN: SMS to Slack, receive 2FA codes in Slack (smstoslack.app)
5 points by gordalina 50 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Interesting. I have felt the need for this before. Do you also support authenticator app codes? I believe authenticator apps are recommended relative to SMS.

I don't currently have authenticator codes, but they can be easily added. Would you like to try out that feature?

I am hesitant about sharing QR codes etc., with a 3rd party. I assume I would have to share the QR code with you, right?

I remember a few years ago doing something similar with a Twilio number. This seems like a bit less setup, but how is this different from that?

It's different for two reasons: - As @detaro mentioned, it's a fully managed solution where you don't have to set it up, or more importantly, maintain it - it's all done for you. - Twilio numbers do not receive SMS messages from short code numbers, which are usually the ones sending 2FA messages.

I didn't know (or notice) that twilio couldn't revive sms from short code numbers. Thanks for the info!

why would it be "different from that" except for not having to set it up yourself?

I was wondering if there was a competitive advantage, maybe different providers besides Twillio or more countries etc..

Wow. 10 cents per message, that is not cheap.

If you think in terms of how much your time is worth: - How much of would it cost you to forward a 2FA message to a team mate? - Maybe two messages, if the first one expired by the time they saw it?

There's the ancillary cost of the frustration if something goes wrong, as well as dropping whatever you were doing to do this menial task.

This has been fully automated and managed with SMS to Slack.

I want fewer messages in slack. Not more.

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