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I think you're inventing specific requirements to win a debate. So essentially "I can imagine a scenario that would hard for you to accomplish". Are you saying there is no scenario you can fathom that's difficult to accomplish in ruby? If that's that's the case, you should probably be lobbying to replace javascript with ruby. Not to spend lots of time and effort and pain to turn javascript into ruby.

Of course there are scenarios that are difficult in either language. And lobbying to replace JavaScript with Ruby (I assume you mean in web browsers?) is simply madness for a host of reasons that aren't worth repeating. Lobbying for blocks in JavaScript is sensible, though, since it is actually being considered for the new spec.

It sounds like you think my requirements are contrived. If you prefer to use functions as iterators in JavaScript, and who doesn't (unless you like polluting methods with counter variables?) ... there is no way to have iterators halt early without throwing exceptions or coming up with special return values. Every programmer needs to iterate and break out of loops. It is easy to break from iterator functions in Python and Ruby, since the languages natively support this concept. JavaScript doesn't--that's all we're saying, and it would be nice.

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