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Show HN: Peak Gaming – Tournament platform for everyday gamers (peakgaming.ca)
2 points by SohamParmar 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite
Hey HN community!

I'm super excited to shoutout Peak on HN as its a project a buddy and I have worked on tirelessly for the past year or so.

Peak is a service that hosts free, cloud based tournaments for everyday gamers with real prizes and skill based matchmaking.

Our main offering is our "Passive Tournament" system which allows you to have your regular public matches automatically tracked without ever having to manually enter your scores. Basically, you play just like normal, and Peak keeps score.

At Peak, our focus is to make competitive gaming accessible and enjoyable to all. We’re democratizing gaming to bring the same competitive incentives formerly only available to pro players to the everyday gamer. The driving force behind developing Peak was the current state of esports and competitive play for the regular gamer. Put simply, it's too complicated and the barrier to entry can be super annoying.

Any criticism/thoughts would be incredibly appreciated since we are trying to iterate as best as possible to turn this service into a thriving community of gamers. Feel free to make an account too and check out some tourneys :)

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