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Parse is looking for a Developer Evangelist
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We’re looking for a Developer Evangelist at Parse. This role is for a hacker that wears a marketing and teaching hat.

You will be responsible for getting the word out about Parse and getting more developers on the platform. This is a cross functional role that involves aspects of marketing, community support, content production and software development.

The perfect candidate is passionate about Parse, platforms, and talking with and educating other developers. You should be a developer yourself and understand the problems that developers encounter. And most importantly, you’re not afraid of doing whatever it takes to evangelize Parse.

More about you:

- You have excellent writing, editing, and communication skills.

- You know how to program and are knowledgeable about APIs. You have built mobile applications, or have a passion to learn.

- You love communicating complex ideas through blog posts, tutorials, documentation, screencasts, and videos. You have a track record of making content that people love.

- You have creative ideas for marketing platforms to a developer audience. You should understand how to promote and curate content via social media.

A sample of things you could be doing on any given day:

- Write a tutorial about a new feature

- Make a sample iOS and Android application that showcases a platform feature

- Help users with debugging their app or answering a question

- Participate in social media conversations about Parse

- Organize events and drinkups with developers

- Go to meetups to spread the word about Parse

- Flesh out the documentation for a particular feature

- Come up with new ideas for a blog post that will go viral in the developer community

You will be working closely with the co-founders on a daily basis to make the Parse community blossom.

To apply, send an email to james@parse.com with the following: (1) Why you’re the perfect fit for the job. (2) What your favorite API is, and why. (3) A short paragraph that teaches a novice user some feature of Parse (pick something from http://www.parse.com/docs).

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