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Xuzz 830 days ago | link | parent

Should you need a third party app installed for a good reading experience? I don't use Google+ and don't want the app on iOS, even if it was launched when I click a Google+ link (which, fwiw, you are correct: it currently does not).

(On the other hand, Tumblr looks great on mobile, and it doesn't need an app. Facebook, too, is at least readable on their mobile site.)

FireBeyond 830 days ago | link

Does anyone actually use Tumblr for original content, or for that matter, text? 99% or more of the Tumblrs I've seen are just people recirculating other Tumblr photos.


cemregr 830 days ago | link

The vast majority of all tumblr traffic is porn.


matt2000 830 days ago | link

It seems like a fair complaint that G+ should have a better mobile experience, not so fair to demand to not post on G+ anymore.

I was actually going to comment that I find G+ a great experience for these kinds of posts... oh well.


rhizome 830 days ago | link

Tumblr always looks terrible with 68pt headings on my Android browser.


nextparadigms 830 days ago | link

Can you imagine using Facebook without an app now?


ConstantineXVI 830 days ago | link

The current Facebook mobile site is almost 1:1 with their app (on Android, anyway). I wouldn't surprised to know the app is one giant WebView with a few system hooks sprinkled in.


sutterbomb 830 days ago | link

Yea pretty sure it is. David Fetterman gave a talk at F8 about how they approach it. I think the vid is online somewhere, but here's the transcript. http://www.readwriteweb.com/mobile/2011/09/how-facebook-mobi...


iamandrus 830 days ago | link

I don't even have it installed on my iPhone. I use the mobile site.


grannyg00se 829 days ago | link

I never understood why websites created apps of their websites. The browser is ubiquitous. Use it. I don't want to install seven different apps for my seven favourite sites. I don't see why this is acceptable on a mobile platform any more than it would be on a desktop platform.


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